In 2010, Paulie Ricci started working for Tony as a delivery driver.  Little did he know that one day he would become the owner of the restaurant.  Paulie worked as a driver throughout the remainder of his High school years and well into college.  As he made his way up the ranks he realized how much he enjoyed serving customers and the rewarding feeling he embodied by serving quality food.  Thinking about his future, Paulie decided to make Tony an offer that he couldn’t refuse. As of April 1st 2013, Paulie Ricci became owner of Tony’s Pizza.

    In 2015 Paulie and long time friend/ manager Paul Brum decided to purchase a second location in Palm Coast (Napoli Pizza). The duo are determined and confident that they can contiue to succesfully expand their brand throughout Florida.

     Today, Paulie realizes just how important every customer is and strives to bring them outstanding service with every order. “I promise to do whatever it takes to create an experience you will never forget; when you come to Tony’s you can expect quality.”


                                              -Paulie Ricci-